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Artist's Statement

My use of botanical and wildlife subjects in my work is a means of exploring personal concepts of mortality and the life hereafter. My use of soft ground etching to create plates has no investment in technical achievement - but instead, as an intaglio artist - represents the only approach aesthetically acceptable to me for this work. I strive, as a matter of priority, to preserve something beautiful about my subject in the process of developing a print that revalidates its life. Creating intimate portraits of my subjects through n unconventional approach, or grouping subjects in one plates fosters a personal narrative with my art and source of self-examination. Beauty is always at the core of my motives - followed closely by the immortalization of my humble subjects.

In another arena, I am gripped by the city of my birth. Urban life and all its trappings play other roles in my work from the abstract to the political. Portraiture, both formal and spontaneous, serves another intimate purpose in my oeuvre. All of my graphic art reflects an energy and personal relationship to my environment fitting together and forming a composite of my experience as an observer, artist, family man and friend.