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Printmaker and Etcher Stephen A. Fredericks
Printmaker and Etcher
Stephen A. Fredericks
For over 20 years Stephen A. Fredericks has focused his energy within the field of printmaking. This energy has been channeled as an artist, a promoter of the genre, a historian and a scholar. A large portion of his body of work involves wildlife and natural history themes using the soft ground etching technique to document the world we live in.

In 1998 Stephen founded The New York Society of Etchers as an exhibiting and promotional vehicle for his and others work in intaglio. The society is dedicated to creating opportunities for printmakers to showcase their work and forge relationships with others worldwide. The organization has vigorously pursued alliances with similar groups around the globe and has mounted shows with artists from Australia, China, Hungary, France, Peru, Ireland and Israel.
(See resume for full list)

The artist has also used his art to voice his political views. In the wake of the tragic events of 9/11, and in response to many American foreign policy initiatives shortly thereafter, Fredericks initiated The Art of Persuasion exhibition series. Launched in 2005, his efforts led to the first major graphic art examination of politically themed prints at the National Arts Club in late 2006. Immediately following, Stephen teamed up with West Coast artist activist Art Hazelwood and founded the Art of Democracy coalition of art exhibitions that eventually, in 2008, linked some sixty exhibitions of politically oriented art work across the United States.

Fredericks is also a historian who released a work of scholarship with his book The New York Etching Club Minutes, published by Rice University Press in 2009. Since 2010, Fredericks has been participating with other artists in publishing the fine art and fiction magazine CARRIER PIGEON.